Where’s Waldo, Here’s how to get Google Maps Mini game

Google has added a new mini game, Where’s Waldo to Google Maps. It is starting from today and will be there till the next week. It’s now available on Android, iOS and Desktop too.

[Image : courtesy of Google]
Just like in early March, Google incorporated a huge brand into Maps where users were able to replace the turn by turn navigation arrow with Nintendo’s Mario in the celebration of Mario Day, but this time Google just wanna have some fun as a celebration of April fools day so they created this Where’s Waldo game.

It’s easy to play this Where’s Waldo game, when you open Google Maps you will see Waldo in a red and white stripes T-shirt, waving hand towards you. Just tap on him and you will see an option to play the Where’s Waldo Game. Not only Waldo, but you gonna see his friends Wenda, Wally, Wizard and Whitebeard also.

[Image : courtesy of Google]
Once you find Waldo, then the game will start and you will be transferred to places all around the world like beaches etc.

There’s also a Google assistant integration in it as Google have posted this in their Instagram Stories. But I haven’t tried it yet. So I think you should try it yourself, what say ?





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